Another premium lubricant of the TAILOR MADE LUBRICANTS series dedicated to professionals.

SUPER FARM is a specially designed lubricating fluid for agricultural machinery and forest equipment.

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Using an agricultural vehicle is certainly different from the use of a normal heavy vehicle. An agricultural vehicle works more in specific seasons alternated by long periods of half-stops, time in which the lubricant leaves the internal parts of the engine due to gravity.

The first start-up without lubrication, the use of motor torque is much more variable than in other situations with continuous variations of engine revolutions, etc. All these particular conditions are potentially negative for half PETROMAX mitigates and controls with a special formulation of additives these characteristics, making SUPER FARM a real TAILOR MADE LUBRICANT

The agricultural world is a specific context with particularities not present in other sectors. Contaminating elements such as dust and micro fragments of flora often cause damage or loss of performance by the equipment. SUPER FARM is designed to protect the engine through the special additives that release the piston rings and valve guides from these pollutants.


Specific Application

Specially designed for agricultural vehicles and forestry machinery


Improves content with a new generation of additives


Made with the highest international standards

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