Tailor made lubricants

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Our TAILOR MADE LUBRICANTS, are a range of lubricating fluids dedicated, in particular, for maximum performance. Our oils are not for everyone, they are products designed and developed for professionals, for those who love their equipment or trucks and who want to achieve their maximum performance. PETROMAX products represent a true added value where they are applied, through the idea of TAILOR MADE LUBRICANTS. We are the first manufacturer of dedicated lubricating fluids, specially designed for professional use segments.This way the PETROMAX products are the most recommended lubricating fluids for trucks, agricultural machines, construction and industrial equipment.


The main reasons that have led us to create macro niche products are the differences, sometimes major, in the use of certain vehicles or equipment, despite the existence of similar engines. The difference of use and exploitation is the main reason for which we pay very close attention to the formulation of specific additives recipes for each product in the agricultural sector, the one for the heavy road transport and the one for the construction machinery. In collaboration with our partner, RA.M.OIL, we have developed specific lubricating fluids for each professional segment. PETROMAX TAILOR MADE LUBRICANTS is the guarantee of the right product for the right application.


We have created four main product categories for professionals, dedicated to agricultural machinery, trucks, construction equipment and industrial equipment. Our technology is continuously developed, to design modern and innovative lubricating fluids, especially dedicated to professionals. Reliability and performance characterize all our products. We are focused on our identity as professionals who think and design dedicated products for professionals.


At the beginning of our activity, like many other things in life, we had to make a decision. Yes, we had to decide where it is best to focus our interest, where we and our partners are better prepared from all points of view, where or what are the conditions in which we managed to offer maximum performance, where and what are the conditions that makes us give our best. Specific products, for the different segments of vehicles / heavy machinery on the market, has proved to be the field in which we have full conviction that we will be able to offer high performance and innovative products both technically and as a demanding and clear welcome for professionals. PETROMAX is the first manufacturer of lubricants that dedicates all it's technology and research for the benefit of professional lubricants. If there are no products in our range, such as those for passenger cars, it is an intentional thing, that was our decision to make, LESS IS MORE.