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Our Story

After more than 20 years of experience in the field of lubricants, with the help of our partner, RA.M.OIL, we created our first heavy duty engline oils from the TAILOR MADE LUBRICANTS serie. The succes of our first products, made us go futher and develop new lubricants for agriculture, trucks, construction equipment and industrial use.


The fundamental elements that make our products special and avant-garde have emerged as a result of a solid tradition in research and development.

Our technological commitment has helped us to develop innovative solutions capable of producing premium performance and responding to the constantly evolving needs of modern markets and new regulations.

Innovative products

Our products have a specific concentration of research on the various application segments. Our products constantly support our customers to maximize the performance of their vehicles, thus creating added value. Through detailed market research, analysis of legislative requirements and collaboration between technicians and engineers, we have created a unique approach to offer the right lubricant for the right application.


From all this comes the ‘TAILOR MADE LUBRICANTS’ specification, a specific product designed for a specific use. Maximum concentration, maximum strength, maximum result.

About our partner, RA.M.OIL

Over 50 years of experience in the production of lubricants, since 1963, RA.M.OIL SpA, Southern Refinery Oils Lubricants, with a factory in Tavernanova di Casalnuovo (Na), produces high quality lubricants approved by RENALULT, VOLVO, MACK, VOLKSWAGEN, SCANIA, DEUTZ and MERCEDES BENZ. 50 years, RA.M.OIL has always been a protagonist in the innovation of its products, always reaching the highest levels of performance with solutions that have always offered maximum protection, especially in heavy use and in maximum effort.

The RA.M.OIL SpA refinery is the guarantee of maximum quality and reliability, the ultramodern laboratory offers engineers and technicians the best technology of the third millennium to develop ever more performing products, often anticipating the time required by regulations and by vehicle manufacturers.

With high standards , RA.M.OIL aims to improve in all its activities, which are:
-Special oils
-Lubricating oils
-Petrolium gellies and waxes
-Third party services

RA.M.OIL S.p.A. expresses it's commitment to respect and safeguard the principles which it strongly believes in with it's Sustainability Report :
-Quality and technology: satisfying every request of the customer by ensuring conformity with their specifications (compliance with ISO 9001: 2015)
-Environment and Risk Management: implementation of innovative technologies to reduce environmental impact (compliance with ISO 14001:2015)
-People Safety and Health: continuous training activities and periodic checks (compliance with OHAS 18001:2007)