The first designed lubricant of the TAILOR MADE LUBRICANTS series dedicated to professionals.

SUPERTRUCK is a specially designed lubricanting fluid for trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles for road transport.

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Long motorway distances with constant engine speed, in traffic with the engine running idle for a long time, all the temperature conditions, etc.

All the aforementioned situations identify a unique and different use of the medium that differs from other sectors, the conditions in question require a lubricating fluid with precise characteristics that protect the engine. For example, at idle speed for a long time, not having an optimal combustion, because of the low number of turns it tends to wash the film of lubricant from the cylinder liners. All these conditions require a specific lubricating fluid with an additive package designed to protect the engine in the situations described. PETROMAX SUPERTRUCK is to be considered a real TAILOR MADE LUBRICANT designed for trucks and buses.

Although not always, depending on traffic, the road or highway is a highly polluted environment. The micro fragments of tire consumption, fragments from the brake pads and brake discs form a mixture of metals, minerals and rubber. This mixture is sucked by up the engines and, with the hundreds of thousands of kilometers traveled, they clog up the supply, ducts, valves and then the elastic bands. The package of additives in PETROMAX SUPERTRUCK dissolves these deposits and keeps the parts in perfect working conditions.


Specific Application

Specially designed for commercial trucks and buses


Improves content with a new generation of additives


Made with the highest international standards

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