The third but not last designed lubricant of the TAILOR MADE LUBRICANTS series dedicated to professionals.

ETRIOS is a specially designed lubricating fluid for construction and earth-moving heavy equipment.

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Construction machinery is subjected to enormous efforts and extended periods of time, sometimes in torrid temperatures. Many times the fuels kept in tanks on construction sites allows the condensation of water. Maintenance carried out on construction sites, many times cannot respect the dust cleaning requirements.

All these conditions were taken into consideration when formulating the recipes of the ETRIOS serie, that exact reason made PETROMAX ETRIOS a true and proper TAILOR MADE LUBRICANT, the best solution for construction machinery.

ETRIOS is a serie of lubricant fluids dedicated to construction machinery, where all types of dust, periods of inactivity and the presence of water in fuels put a strain on the reliability of the vehicles. PETROMAX ETRIOS is conceived with a package of additives with special characteristics made to limit the deleterious action of environmental agents characteristic of shipbuilding industry.


Specific Application

Specially designed for construction vehicles


Improves content with a new generation of additives


Made with the highest international standards

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