Our last achievement of the TAILOR MADE LUBRICANTS series, dedicated to professionals.

Lubricating fluids specially designed for the industrial sector.

The use of lubricants in the industrial world has a particular importance, in the sense that a good and successful industrial process is obtained thanks to the right lubricant.

Our technicians and the technicians of various companies with the same objectives have created synergies that gave life to products with extraordinary qualities, able to offer the best performances in the most difficult situations.

We can certainly say that PEROMAX INDUSTRIAL FLUIDS are real TAILOR MADE LUBRICANTS, designed for specific applications.

The industrial world is very complex with different dynamics and situations, but also in this PETROMAX segment for each specific sector that could lead from hydraulic oils to those for pneumatics, it followed the same strategy, forging the specific product for the specific application.


Specific Application

Specially designed for industrial equipment


Improves content with a new generation of additives


Made with the highest international standards

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