Garden and Forestry Two Stroke Lubricants

PETROMAX TTS & STS lubricants are a special type of motor oil intended for use in crankcase compression two-stroke engines. Small and modern two-strokes engines such as garden equipment and chainsaws, now demand a synthetic oil and can suffer from lubricanting problems, high emissions or oily deposits on spark plugs if the right lubricant is not used. We wanted to respond to a market demand that emphasized that even in gardening there is a professional segment that requires dedicated products with premium quality standards. From these inputs, with the PETROMAX TTS & STS line, we are able to provide a valid alternative to the original products, respecting the standards and often overcoming these standards by offering products that tend to extend the life of the engines in which they are applied. Both mineral and synthetic products are formulated with the best raw materials and with the latest generation of additives, making the products a real plus for companies that use professional gardening equipment or giving the possibility to those who take care of it privately or as a hobby, to have access to high quality products where reliability is an imperative.Once again, a TAILOR MADE LUBRICANT. Comparing regular lubricating oil with two-stroke oil, the relevant difference is that two-stroke oil must have a much lower ash content. This is required to minimize deposits that tend to form if ash is present in the oil which is burned in the engine's combustion chamber. Additionally a non-2T-specific oil can turn to gum in a matter of days if mixed with gasoline and not immediately consumed. Our 2T lubricants are made using additives from the following categories: detergent/dispersants, antiwear agents, biodegradability components and antioxidants (Zinc compounds) and even fuel stabilizers as well.