Description and other information

SUPERTRUCK 500 LS 15W40 is a state-of-the-art mineral lubricant, with performances that are equivalent to full synthetic products, is a LOW SAPS formula lubricant suitable for use in engines for construction equipment with Euro 5 and Euro 6 pollution standards, with The DPF, SCR, DOC and EGR anti-particle systems are the aspirated engines as turbocharged, due to the additives present in this product, it is ideally suited for use in CNG-powered engines.It is a product designed and designed for engines mounted on construction equipment that are operated under special and domain-specific conditions, set by the machine manufacturer. SUPERTRUCK 500 LS 15W40 protects the engine from carbon deposits, which by burning the fuel tend to gather on the piston segments and on the valve surface, keeping the engine clean and perfectly efficient.The quality of the base oils together with a reliable additive package guarantees excellent performance in operation with any type of diesel and extended oil change intervals, according to the information provided by the manufacturers. SUPERTRUCK 500 LS 15W40 can be defined as a multifunctional product for use in all fleet types on high speed diesel engines, on land spreaders and on all marine DIESEL engines with supercharged engine. The following benefits can be obtained if you use this product: •greater engine cleanliness •better protection against gluing the piston ring, •reduced grinding of the hole (grinding of the exhaust pipe) •more protection against wear •extension of oil change intervals It is always recommended to observe the oil change interval, as suggested by the manufacturer auto.