Description and other information

SUPERTRUCK LIFE 10W40 is a SHPDO mineral oil (Super High Performance Diesel Oil), a modern multi-grade synthetic lubricant designed to meet the needs of the latest generation of low-emission diesel engines with EURO3 and EURO4 technology and longer interval oil changes, an indispensable product for professionals. The quality of the base, together with a package of viable additives guarantees a remarkable behavior in operation, even extending the oil change intervals to easily reaching the 100,000 km mark, according to the manufacturer's provisions. SUPERTRUCK LIFE 10W40 can be a multifunctional product defined by using all types of diesel fleet of motorways, constructions and in all these supercharged DIESEL marine engines. By using this product you can get the following benefits: -Increased engine cleanliness -Increased protection against solder strips, -Low bore grinding (reed grinding) -Increased wear protection -Maximum extension of the oil change interval