Description and other information

SUPERGEAR 80W-90 LS is a modern lubricant formulated at the highest level of performance with EP additives carefully select so as to obtain a product with remarkable thermal stability, antioxidant and a high wear protection even under heavy operating conditions. For innovative balancing, the selected components make the product under extreme pressure conditions they work satisfactorily and with high operating life even for synchronized transmissions submerged in oil baths. SUPERGEAR is recommended for lubricating gearboxes and steering gear for vehicles subjected to large loads, in particular normal differential and with automatic locking with hypoidal gear cars, reduction of trucks, manual and non-synchronized gearboxes, steering boxes, drive units reduction of agricultural and field equipment. Among the main benefits: -Excellent compatibility with metals and seals used -High wear protection, in the presence of high speed, torque and shock loads -Good protection against corrosion and rust -Long duration of the loading service -Excellent high-speed performance