Description and other information

NORTH POLE ANTIFREEZE G12 + is an antifreeze based on ethylene glycol and inhibitors chosen and not contains amines, silicates, borates, nitrites or phosphates. The anti-corrosive components contained in this antifreeze is at the base of the OAT (Organic Additive Technology) system. NORTH POLE ANTIFREEZE G12 + should be diluted before use with demineralized water according to of the table below, thus obtaining a cooling liquid that is used for a whole year and protects the engine from frost and overheating. For a perfect blend of antifreeze, se recommends manual mixing of antifreeze and water. The protection against frost depends on the report NORTH POLE ANTIFREEZE G12 + and water. NORTH POLE ANTIFREEZE G12 + antifreeze has the following properties: -very slow consumption of anti-corrosive components which leads to the prolongation of the period between shifts (long life antifreeze) -anticorrosive components effectively prevent corrosion of cast iron, metal, aluminum, and a colored metals that are present in the cooling system -is extremely stable at high temperatures -transfers heat quickly and effectively protects against overheating of the engine