Description and other information

PETROMAX PROCESS OIL N is manufactured from carefully selected wax-free naphthenic oil to ensure optimum color and color stability, while maintaining good compatibility and processing characteristics. This is achieved by selective refining to remove color-producing impurities, without appreciably changing the aromatic content of naphthenic oil. Such selective refinement gives the U.V. absorption and, more importantly, relatively low polar content. As a result, PETROMAX PROCESS OIL N process oils find wide application in rubber products where excellent color stability is required. PETROMAX PROCESS OIL N oils combine excellent color stability with relatively high aromatic content for good compatibility and processing characteristics. As such, they are used in mixing rubber with EPDM, SBR, polyisoprene, neoprene or butyl rubber. The excellent balance between color stability and aromatic content also makes them desirable for non-rubber uses, such as resin, PVC fabrics and sealing compounds, among others. Benefits: -Low drip points -Excellent color -Excellent color stability when exposed to heat or light -Good solvency, -High additive admittance -The special hydrogenation process offers high quality levels and low odors.