Description and other information

GEAR ZC 90 range lubricants are produced using the highest formulation techniques, with selected additives in particular, which offers the product excellent thermal-oxidative stability and greater protection against wear for sprockets even under difficult conditions. Due to the balanced and innovative formula of the components, these products are able to operate with successful and permanent, even with friction materials for synchronizing transmissions with oil bath. GEAR ZC series is recommended for lubrication of gears and gearboxes of vehicles subjected to moderate loads, rear axles with conical gears or hypoxic couple gears, gearbox speed reducers and all systems that require an API type lubricant GL-4. Their main characteristics are: -excellent compatibility with metals and seals used for transmissions -good wear protection at high speed for twisted couples and shock loads -good protection against corrosion and rust -long duration of use of the load -excellent performance at high speed.