Description and other information

The hydraulic fluids of the PETROMAX HIDROMAX HV series features anti-wear properties for great performance developed for a wide range of hydraulic, industrial and mobile equipment, suitable for normal and high-load operating conditions. The high viscosity index gives the product excellent cold performance and environmental or operating temperature variations. Formulated with high quality base oils and enriched with latest generation anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-rust and anti-foam additives PETROMAX hydraulic fluids offer a high level of protection for the equipment, guaranteeing a smooth operation of the hydraulic system even in the most severe conditions of use. PETROMAX hydraulic fluids have a life span up to 3 times greater. The PETROMAX HIDROMAX series meets or exceeds segment specifications and OEM requirements. PETROMAX HIDROMAX series is a specific product of the segment, designed for the most severe conditions of use, a product designed for professionals, a real TAILOR MADE LUBRICANT. The PETROMAX HIDROMAX HV series is ideal for use in the following cases: -industrial hydraulic systems, mobile hydraulic systems in conditions of use from normal to high loads and in particular where high stability and viscosity are required -systems operating at high temperatures and / or rapid changes in ambient or operating temperatures -hydraulic systems operating in cold climates, sub-zero temperatures that require special protection for cold start -hydraulic systems that require high precision, efficiency and stability CHARACTERISTICS AND ADVANTAGES: -Excellent viscosity index -Excellent performance and protection of large thermal range systems -Excellent protection at low temperatures and cold starts -Anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-foam properties -Preserves and protects equipment components against excessive wear and potentially increases machine life -Great properties of filterability -Enhances the properties of filters against pressure drop -Great thermal stability and high antioxidant properties -Great reliability and high performance over time even during heavy use, with the possibility of lengthening the replacement intervals