Description and other information

The hydraulic fluids of the PETROMAX HIDROMAX HM series have high-performance anti-wear properties developed for a wide range of hydraulic, industrial and mobile equipment, suitable for normal and high load operating conditions. Formulated with high quality base oils and enriched with the latest generation of anti-wear, anti-oxidants, rust and anti-foam additives, PETROMAX hydraulic fluids offer high protection to the equipment, guaranteeing a smooth operation of the hydraulic system even under the most severe conditions. PETROMAX hydraulic fluids last up to 3 times longer.The PETROMAX HIDROMAX series meet or exceed segment specifications and OEM requirements: ISO 11158 HM TOST anti-wear hydraulic fluids (ASTM D943). PETROMAX HIDROMAX series is a segment specific product, designed for the most severe conditions of use ,a product designed for professionals, a real TAILOR MADE LUBRICANT. The PETROMAX HIDROMAX series is recommended for use in the following cases: -industrial hydraulic systems, mobile hydraulic systems in use from normal to high load -high quality anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-foam hydraulic systems CHARACTERISTICS AND ADVANTAGES: -Excellent performance and protection of equipment during cold starts -Anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-foam protection -Preserves and protects equipment components against excessive wear and potentially increases machine life -Great properties of filterability -Enhances the properties of filters against pressure drop -Great thermal stability and high antioxidant properties -Great reliability and high performance over time even during heavy use, with the possibility of lengthening the replacement intervals