Description and other information

PETROMAX EPR SERIES contains high performance industrial gear oils developed for different types of industrial gears used in normal or high load conditions. EPR oils protect iron, copper and bronze components effectively from corrosion at normal operating temperatures. Formulated with high quality mineral base oils enriched with latest generation additives for extreme pressures, anti-wear, anti-oxidants, anti-rust and anti-foam, PETROMAX EPR oils ensure excellent protection against extreme pressures, anti-wear protection, and smooth operation up to 2 times longer gear and performance transmissions. The PETROMAX EPR series meets or exceeds industry specifications and OEM requirements, against the minimum requirements of industrial gear oils in terms of exceeding the viscosity increase (ISO 4263-4 at 95 ° C).A high viscosity index ensures a much easier cold start, while the thickness of the lubricating film eliminates the effects of metal corrosion at higher temperatures. In addition, they contain sulphosphate-based PE additives. The PETROMAX EPR series is recommended for the following uses: -closed industrial gears (with straight / helical / conical / planetary teeth) with splash or circulation lubrication systems with oil temperatures up to 110 ° C -high load gear transmissions -gear drives with predisposition for sludge formation -also applications that include shaft couplings and high-load plain bearings operating at low speeds CHARACTERISTICS AND ADVANTAGES: -Great protection with high pressures -Prolongs the life of the transmission gears -Strong anti-wear protection qualities -Strong thermal stability and oxidation resistance -Guarantee of stability and performances at high temperatures and pressure, prolonged maintenance intervals -Prevents the formation of sludge -Maintains high cleanliness in the transmission box