Description and other information

SUPERFARM 1000 CI 15W40 is a SHPDO mineral lubricant (Super High Performance Diesel Oil), it is the perfect lubricant for all agricultural vehicles with Euro 1, 2, 3 and 4 engines, equipped with EGR and SGR anti-pollution systems but without anti-particulate filters , aspirated or turbocharged. The special additivation present in the product gives it the ability to extend the replacement of the lubricant up to the maximum allowed by the manufacturers of the agricultural tool. The product guarantees maximum engine efficiency, maintaining excellent lubrication in all conditions of use, even the most severe. They tend to extend the life of the engine by preserving the moving parts of the engine from wear, maintaining maximum efficiency and reliability over time, an indispensable product for professionals. This product brings the following benefits: -High engine cleaning power -High protection against engine wear -Possibility of extending the time between shifts