Description and other information

SUPER FARM 5000 LS 10W30 is a 100% modern, multi-grade synthetic lubricant based on state-of-the-art technology that synthesizes low ash content and is made to meet the needs of the newest generation of Turbo diesel engines with extended gearbox range and low oil emissions with EURO 4 ,EURO 5 si EURO 6 technology, most equipped with the most sophisticated combustion gas reduction systems at evacuation.We designed this product taking into account the type of load first and how the engines are used.Being tested in the most severe conditions, this lubricant is a true added value to the machine on which it is applied. This product is designed for engines mounted on construction machinery that work within a specific environment and in specific conditions.The product is adapted to function according to the demands of construction equipment manufacturers, guaranteeing an extended service period that exceeds without problems. SUPER FARM 5000 LS 10W30 protects the engine against carbon deposits, which by burning the fuel tends to gather on the piston segments and on the valve surface, keeping the engine clean and perfectly efficient.The quality of the base oil, together with a special package of additives guarantees a remarkable behavior in exploitation of each type of oil and with the extension of the oil change intervals, easily reaching the limit of 100,000 km, in accordance with the provisions of the manufacturers. SUPER FARM 5000 LS 10W30 can be a multifunctional product defined by using it on all types of on diesel fleets of the motorway, constructions and in all these supercharged DIESEL marine engines. By using this product you can get the following benefits: -Increased engine cleanliness -Increased protection against solder strips, -Low bore grinding (reed grinding) -Increased wear protection -Maximum extension of the oil change interval