Description and other information

SUPERTRUCK 300 20W50 is a multifunctional "HPDO" oil formulated for naturally aspirated or turbocharged engines, buses and earth spreaders, even in heavy-duty applications, vehicles equipped with Euro 0, 1 and 2. The high viscosity index allows its use in any climatic conditions, ensuring maximum protection of engine both at cold start and at high temperatures, thus ensuring a correct viscosity even over long distances. SUPERTRUCK 300 20W50 offers high cleaning and dispersing power, excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation and high foaming power.The product guarantees maximum engine efficiency, maintaining excellent lubrication in all conditions of use, even the most severe.They tend to extend the life of the engine by preserving the moving parts of the engine from wear, maintaining maximum efficiency and reliability over time, an indispensable product for the professional. The following benefits can be obtained if you use this product: -greater engine cleanliness -better protection against gluing the piston ring, -reduced hole grinding(grinding of the exhaust pipe) -more wear protection It is always recommended to observe the oil change interval, as suggested by the manufacturer.