Description and other information

PETROMAX CHAINOIL is a high quality lubricant for the lubrication of cutting chains on modern chainsaws.Created with mineral base oils and enriched with latest generation additives. It is a modern lubricant without heavy metals and with anti-wear, anti-oxidant and anti-rust properties, characteristics that have been tested on STIHL 064. PETROMAX CHAINOIL offers high lubricating capacity and adhesive properties for efficient and reliable chainsaw operation, even under different conditions of temperature and humidity. CHAINOIL is recommended for the following applications: -chains and cutting bars for chainsaws -lubrication of chainsaws and chain tools CHARACTERISTICS AND ADVANTAGES: -High degree of adhesion to the chain and cutting bars, reduced lubricant consumption even at high speeds -Great anti-wear protection -Protects against wear, corrosion and rust, prolonging the life of the chain -Protects against water and humidity for high performance equipment -Reliability and protection of equipment at low temperatures and in cold starts